Forever Family

Sarah Dawson needs a husband and father for her children to secure the ranch’s future, but she’s had bad luck with her past husbands. Roy Odell is ready to step up, but he’s in for a surprise when he meets Sarah and the town of Destiny. Can they overcome the challenges and uncover the truth behind Sarah’s history?


WantedHusband and Father to four on a horse ranch.Must be experienced with horses.Must be a God-fearing man with experience with ChildrenSarah Dawson doesn’t need a man. She doesn’t need anyone. Except she needs a husband’s name to keep the ranch to pass down to her son, Oliver, when he’s grown. After losing two husbands to unusual deaths, she is the object of gossip around town. Opting for a mail-order husband ad, she doesn’t expect a man like Roy Odell to show up at her door. Not only is he a good father, he wants a real marriage. But will he want to stay once he finds out about her last two husbands?Roy Odell is ready to head out to make his way in the world and have a family of his own. When he sees Sarah’s ad, he believes it’s meant to be. But he can tell from his correspondence with Sarah that she is expecting him to be her husband in name only. She wants a father for her children who are struggling, and a stand-in for a husband so her son can inherit the ranch. Not one to back down from a challenge, Roy isn’t one bit put off by her letters. But after arriving in Destiny, he can sense something is afoot with his new wife and the town they live in. Will Roy and Sarah be able to find their way through the challenges that await them? And will they find out what truly happened to Sarah’s late husbands?