Forward Command

By (author)Daniel Gibbs

In “Sextans B: The Complete Series,” Colonel Mateo Larra navigates through pirates, smugglers, and political intrigue while leading Joint Base Sagittarius Arch into uncharted territory. But when ships vanish and an ambassador is kidnapped, the Coalition faces a terrifying new enemy that may be impossible to defeat. Prepare for a thrilling space adventure filled with mystery and suspense!


An all-new galaxy. A terrifying new enemy.Exploration of Sextans B is underway via the first stable trans-galactic wormhole in recorded history. Colonel Mateo Larra takes command of Joint Base Sagittarius Arch, the visionary new space station housing diplomats, merchants, and military personnel eager to make their mark. But with every opportunity comes opposition.Pirates harass travelers throughout the newly charted system. Smugglers, hauling valuable contraband, slip under the CDF’s nose. Even the League of Sol continues spy games as if the war never ended. Colonel Larra barely steps aboard the Arch before facing the most daunting challenges of his storied career. Challenges that have only begun.Ships vanish without a trace. The mysteries deepen when one reappears like a ghost, pristine as the day she left the shipyard—without her crew. But when the League ambassador is kidnapped, his bodyguards murdered in cold blood, Colonel Larra encounters an unimaginable horror on their doorstep. And this time, it’s a fight the Coalition can’t win.