Freedom Park: a Novel

By (author)B.W. McKay

In the face of adversity and racial tension, Darnell Scott becomes the first Black mayor of Mountain Ridge, Utah, fighting for change and hope in his community. But as he gains national attention during a senate race, a dark secret threatens to destroy everything he’s worked for, forcing him to confront his past and the forces determined to bring him down. Will he be able to clear his name and salvage his dream of equality?


SynopsisWhat do you do if you’re accused of something so heinous, that the mere accusation alone threatens to destroy everything you’ve built?Darnell Scott is no stranger to adversity. Becoming the first Black mayor of Mountain Ridge, Utah—a city with a bitter history of racial tension and oppression—has required sacrifice, tolerance, and steely determination. Once a budding basketball star from Atlanta, Darnell could have followed the glamorous destiny of a professional athlete, but chose instead to bring hope and change to the people in his community.Thankfully, it worked. Darnell’s leadership is slowly transforming Mountain Ridge into a thriving place for all people, and when a new political window opens the young mayor is suddenly presented with the opportunity to catapult his message to a national level. But for all his visionary promise, Darnell has been living with a dark and dangerous secret. In the midst of an intense senate race, his past threatens to catch up with him and devastate everything he’s worked so hard for.If he’s to clear his name and salvage his dream of equality, Darnell will need to face his past and the forces of envy and prejudice determined to destroy him.