French Cooking for Beginners: 100 Easy and Traditional French Recipes You Can Make At Home

By (author)Lemuel Alcaraz

Discover the art of French cooking with this comprehensive beginner’s cookbook, featuring classic recipes and essential techniques. From appetizers to desserts, this book will guide you through creating impressive French meals without expert skills. Say bon appétit to delicious and approachable French cuisine with this indispensable guide.


The perfect French cookbook for beginners. Culinary arts were formalized and invented by the French. French words that we have appropriated into English include restaurant, cuisine, chef, menu, sauté, and vinaigrette. They also invented the restaurant and own the culinary lexicon. There’s a perception that French food is challenging and intimidating. Thus, This Cookbook is your best bet if you’re looking for really impressive meals that don’t require expert skills.. Learn how to prepare the classic, delicious food that is served at French dinner tables and in renowned bistros and brasseries with this comprehensive French cookbook, which is ideal for Beginners.. This indispensable beginner’s French cookbook contains:French appetizer recipesFrench dessert recipesFrench main dish recipesFrench side dish recipesFrench bread & pastry recipesFrench sauce & seasoning recipesEssential extras—Beyond French cookbook recipes, you’ll find fundamental techniques in French cooking, and tips.Come on, let’s start cooking like the French! Bon appetit!