Frosted Plum Fears

By (author)Agatha Frost

In the sleepy town of Northash, a festive plum pudding record attempt turns deadly when the chef is found stabbed in the back, setting off a web of lies, debts, and jealousy. With suspects piling up and false accusations flying, candle shop owner Claire Harris must use her sleuthing instincts to unravel the murderous mess before the New Year arrives with deadly secrets buried. Join Claire as she races against time to expose the killer and restore order amidst the plum pudding chaos in this thrilling holiday mystery.


A killer plum pudding plot sends a village reeling in this twisted tale of festive ambition and murder.A quaint village turned upside down. A giant plum pudding and a local chef’s ambition spark festivities in the sleepy town of Northash. But when candle shop owner, Claire Harris, finds the chef stabbed in the back, it seems his attempt to break a decades-old plum pudding record has led to a bitter and untimely demise.. As shocking secrets seep to the surface, a tangled web of lies, debts, jealousy, and obsession comes to light. With a killer on the loose and suspects piling up, Claire taps into her sleuthing instincts to unravel the murderous mess. However, separating fact from speculation proves tricky, even for Claire’s keen eye and nose for trouble. False accusations send her down twisting paths that bring her no closer to the elusive truth.. With the clock ticking down to the New Year, the mystery only deepens. Another attack rocks the village, stirring Claire’s worst fears. She pushes forward in her perilous hunt for answers, determined to expose the culprit and restore order amidst the plum pudding chaos. But with so many loose threads hanging and dangerous tensions mounting, will Claire tie it all together in time? Or will the new year dawn with the murderous secrets remaining buried?