Gate of Betrayal

By (author)V.C. Marello

Alan and Grace’s deep emotional and physical bond is threatened by a shadow stalking them, leading to lies, betrayal, and ultimately death by disloyalty. As they struggle with their own truths and loyalties, a new enemy threatens to unleash havoc upon Salt Lake City and the world in this gripping horror tale.


2022 Kindle Book Awards – Horror – Semi-Finalist. Alan and Grace have spent the last year together exploring the world’s wonders up and down the West Coast after escaping the Hell Gate in San Francisco.. They develop a deep emotional and physical bond, alleviating the loneliness and mistrust they have known for so many years due to their self-imposed prisons while working at Tony’s Food Mart.. Now a year later, their bond is threatened by a shadow stalking them as they deal with one’s denial to share the truth and the other’s passiveness to pursue it.. A tiny absence of information festers, deflecting them from reality, evolving into lies, and ultimately death by disloyalty. One inadvertently is forced into preventing another Hell Gate from opening.. New enemies and allies form as betrayal internally gnaws at everyone’s soul, generating love, hate, and misaligned loyalties.. It’s the perfect condition for the Gate of Betrayal to release a fallen angel upon Salt Lake City and the world.