Gianni’s Got the Giggles!: a Funny Rhyming Book for Kids Ages 3-9


Join Gianni the gator on a hilarious adventure that will have kids of all ages laughing uncontrollably. This rhyming book is guaranteed to bring joy and contagious laughter to any environment, making it a must-have for kids and parents alike. Add this silly and fun book to your cart and get ready for a giggle fit!


What Do You Do When a Gator’s Laughing at You?Gianni’s Got the Giggles – and you’ll never guess why! He’s having a GIGGLE FIT!Did you know that jumping to conclusions can sometimes get you into trouble? or perhaps assuming something that may not be as you think it appears? But then again. . .This fun rhyming book is sure to cause an outbreak of contagious laughter in any environment; in your classroom (uh-oh! look out teachers) your home (mom warns, it better not be at bedtime), or even in a library where there may be the occasional snorting as you attempt to control those giggles!Two small, yellow ducks sat under a tree.I laughed so hard they were looking at me. I couldn’t stop laughing; I can’t tell you why. My eyes filled with tears; I just started to cry.So why can’t Gianni the gator stop laughing? You’ll just have to add this funny rhyming book for kids to your cart to find out!Get ready toddlers and preschoolers; kindergarteners and primary children; small kids, and bigger kids to experience a giggle fit! Silly books for Kids ages 1-3, ages 4-6, ages 6-8, and 9 and up.