Give in to Me: a Bwwm Age Gap Romance

By (author)Cassie Verano

In this captivating romance, a forbidden love blossoms between Ezra, the embodiment of patience and persistence, and the protagonist, who can’t resist his touch and attention, despite the obstacles in their way. This compelling story explores the conflict between love and duty as the protagonist struggles to resist Ezra, who will stop at nothing to have her. Will she risk losing everything for the man who has become her world?


Ezra Maxwell is the definition of patience and persistence.He’s everything we say that we want in a man, but why couldn’t he have come along years earlier?I have no idea what it was that he said or did; the only thing I know is that I’m falling in love with him.No matter how I try to push him away, his smile sets my soul on fire.His touch and his attention are all I crave.I lie and tell him that I don’t want him, but my body betrays me whenever his lips touch mine.He would be the perfect man for me if I didn’t work for his father and if I weren’t friends with his mother.He’s forbidden and everything that I’m not supposed to want,But I can’t keep him away, can’t convince my heart to let go.He’ll do anything to have me, to hold me, and to keep me.Even if it means ruining his family, and quite possibly mine.He has nothing to lose, but if I give in to him, I stand to lose the world.. But Ezra is my world.