Hannoki’s Will

By (author)Emma K Blacker

In “Telepathic Threat”, David grapples with the implications of his telepathic abilities, from being seen as a curse to becoming a vital asset in protecting the Federation of Worlds Navy. As he fulfills his dream in space, he must also navigate the distrust of his fellow officers and uncover a shocking secret that challenges his understanding of humanity.


Telepathy, a gift or a curse? Telepaths are separate from others, regarded with fear and suspicion and David certainly saw it as a curse since it destroyed his dreams of exploring space. When a new threat arises, his abilities are needed to help protect the safety and reputation of the Federation of Worlds Navy. He has got his dream, but in the confined area of a space ship he has to overcome the distrust of the other officers. His success opens up a new future for David but leads to him uncovering a secret so horrific it shakes his confidence in humanity.