Haunted by a Will for Payback: a Historical Western Adventure Novel

By (author)Derek Levine

Blake Oakley is on a mission to avenge his wife’s death, but when he brings a mail-order bride into his life, he risks losing everything. As Melissa becomes a mother to his daughter and a loving wife, Blake struggles between his thirst for revenge and his newfound family. Will he be able to protect them from his darkest desires, or will they be drawn into his dangerous quest for vengeance?


Blake Oakley has made an unbreakable vow; one day he will find James Calhoun, the obsessive man who killed his wife and make him pay. Yet, his plan will risk losing the most important thing in his life, his daughter, Sunny. Determined to secure a safe and loving life for her, Blake agrees to take a mail-order bride, Melissa, who turns out to be the mother Sunny always deserved. As Blake starts to fall in love with his new wife, will he hold onto his goal of vengeance, or chose a future next to a new family? His unstoppable thirst for revenge might never stop lingering inside him… Melissa has always wanted a family of her own and she is ready to devote herself to Blake and Sunny. What she never expected was how quickly she would love them. But as soon as Colhoun catches sight of them, Melissa’s dream will be at stake. Though she aims to make Blake see her the way she does him, she quickly realizes how his secrets and fears haunt him more and more every day. Will Melissa cure Blake’s soul or will she be drawn into his dark purpose? As Blake and Melissa grow closer in their marriage, Blake’s attempts to distance himself fail and love conquers them both. However, his relentless need for revenge has already predestinated his path. When Melissa and Sunny are truly like mother and daughter, Blake will be prepared to follow his bloody quest. Calhoun’s approaching Blake’s family and they both know that their last fight is about to start. Can Blake keep his family safe and have his revenge? Will he finally find redemption by the side of his beloved ones or will he be forever lost in an unforgiving past? “Haunted by a Will for Payback” is a historical adventure novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cliffhangers, only pure unadulterated action.