In this compelling Kindle book, the protagonist is filled with tears, fears, and broken promises, but someone is determined to participate in her victory. Despite feeling unworthy of love, she’s given a chance to be loved and healed by someone willing to embrace her faults and cater to her needs. This emotional journey explores the power of love to heal and the courage to move forward, making it a must-read for anyone seeking a heartfelt story of hope and redemption.


She’s hurting and I feel her.Filled with tears, fears, and broken pieces of promises…I’ve decided to participate in her victory.It doesn’t take me long to discover, she doesn’t feel worthy of love.She doesn’t understand why this route was chosen as a piece of her journey, but all I know is if she gives me the opportunity, I’m going to love her like she needs to be love.She’s afraid.Afraid of moving forward.Afraid of failing.Afraid of hidden secrets being revealed.And afraid of repeating past mistakes. But how will she ever understand that love was meant to cover a multitude of faults.It was meant to be embraced and engaged in with one who is willing to look beyond your faults, and cater to your needs.Love was meant to heal, and with me, that’s exactly what I’m giving…A shoulder and heart to help her be HEALED.