Hello, Couscous Lovers: Incredible Couscous Recipes to Make You Grow the Grains Yourself

By (author)Layla Tacy

Discover the fascinating world of couscous, from its three different varieties to its nutrient-packed benefits. Hello, Couscous Lover is not just a recipe book, but an educational journey into the versatile and healthy grain, offering tips on how to use it in various dishes and its potential for weight loss. Get ready to explore and maximize the benefits of couscous in your daily meals – your taste buds are in for a treat!


Do you know that couscous has three varieties and names according to countries too? Well, yes, there is Moroccan, Lebanese, and Israeli couscous. Additionally, couscous is nutrients packed to protect the cell and help in regeneration. Talk about youthfulness in a grain. Couscous is immensely versatile and, like rice, can be cooked anyway and use in multiple dishes, including salads, desserts, snacks, binders, and in combination with other ingredients. Couscous is also a good source of protein and has low-fat content making it a great ingredient for weight loss or maintaining one.. The book Hello, Couscous Lover is part recipe book but also an educative insight into the magic grain of the Arabian or Middle Eastern world. So we have carefully toured the globe to bring you the fascinating versatility of couscous from cultures around the world, how to max out the benefit of couscous in your daily meals, the best ways to use couscous (you can break the glass ceiling), and benefits of couscous.. If you are as excited as we are, let the exploration begin. Our mouths are watering.

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