Her Master’s Slave: an Ancient Roman Romance Adventure

By (author)Suzanne Ravelle

Experience the drama and passion of ancient Rome in “Her Master’s Slave” as young noblewoman, Antonia Aliana, finds herself enslaved and alone, with only Dominicus to turn to for help. Will she be able to convince her new master to aid her in saving her father and thwarting her husband’s deadly plans? If you love fast-paced Roman fiction, this standalone novel is a must-read for fans of historical romance.


In the bustling markets of Nero’s ancient Rome, an unexpected tale of true love unfolds.. Cast out by a husband she’s always respected; young noblewoman, Antonia Aliana, suddenly finds herself catapulted into slavery.. Now, having lost everything – even her identity – there’s no one to turn to except Dominicus, the man who’s just bought her.. With her father’s life hanging in the balance, Aliana desperately needs a powerful ally to thwart her husband’s murderous intentions.. She soon realises, her only option is to persuade her formidable yet intriguing new master to help her.. Dominicus, however, has got his own agenda…. Her Master’s Slave is a passionate historical ancient world romance set in ancient Rome. It can be read as a standalone novel or book 1 from Tales of ancient Rome. If you love dramatic fast paced Roman fiction, start reading now!