High Witch: a Grimitarian Prophecy

By (author)Emily Klepp

Embark on a thrilling adventure in the dark fantasy romance series ‘Grimitarian Prophecies’. Follow the protagonist as she discovers her true powers and seeks revenge in the midst of war and prophecy. Be warned, this gripping tale ends with a cliffhanger and contains triggering scenes, making it a must-read for fans of intense and compelling storytelling.


The prophecy was spoken, and I was fated to the kings. Crossing oceans and lands, I get back something I never knew I had. But this isn’t my happily ever after just yet. War is here and she seeks vengeance. My powers are growing stronger by the day, but their hatred for the cause moves in synchrony.They say they will own me.Use me.Torment me.But they don’t know who I am.They don’t know what I’ve become.They seek retribution… but I seek revenge.This is a dark fantasy romance series called ‘Grimitarian Prophecies’. High Witch DOES end with a cliffhanger and contains triggering scenes involving sexual assault and graphic violence. For a full list of triggers and tropes, visit edknovels.com Book 1: Three Kings (55,954)Book 2: High WitchBook 3: A New Beginning