Home for Christmas: Heartwarming Contemporary Christian Romance Book

By (author)Morris Fenris


Experience the heart-wrenching journey of forgiveness, love, and redemption in this inspirational Christmas romance. Follow Sarah as she returns home to mend broken relationships and find new love in this page-turning Christian romance that you won’t be able to put down.


A heart-warming tale of forgiveness, love, and togetherness.. An inspirational Christmas romance story about starting afresh, making amends, and being with those you love during the holidays.. Sarah Langley left her family home to marry a man she thought loved her. She ignored her parents’ pleas and left the peace and security of small-town life behind her. It turned out to be a mistake she would regret for years afterward. Her marriage was a failure, filled with abuse, neglect, and cheating. Sarah had to get away. She had to go home.. Her divorce and subsequent restraining order were the perfect reasons to return home after a five-year absence. But would her family accept her into their lives again? Sarah had never wanted an uncertain future for her and the two girls the marriage blessed her with.. Sarah arrives at the beginning of December, hoping for forgiveness from her family. Five years has made a big difference and Sarah is about to discover that. Loss, grief, new love, and redemption are on the horizon for Sarah. All she must do is put in the effort and happiness could be hers once again.. For a page-turning Christian romance story you DEFINITELY can’t put down, read this book today.