Honesty Pays: a Little Prince Martin Picture Book

By (author)Brandon Hale


In this character-building picture book, Prince Martin faces a moral dilemma when he discovers the stolen helmet of a famous knight. Will he choose integrity and restore it to its rightful owner, or keep it for himself? With captivating illustrations and an unforgettable moral, this uplifting tale is perfect for young children and parents alike. Get your copy now and join Prince Martin on his inspiring journey.


When a boy prince makes a shocking discovery that tests his integrity, what will he do?Knights have gathered for the big jousting tournament when a dastardly thief steals the helmet of the kingdom’s great champion, Sir Roger! Will the famous knight be prevented from competing? It all depends on the choices of little Prince Martin, who discovers the splendid helmet in a secret hiding place.Will the boy prince restore the helmet to its rightful owner—or keep it for himself?From the author of the popular Prince Martin Epic chapter book series comes something new: a character-building picture book. Younger children will adore this uplifting tale, featuring lavish full-color illustrations. And parents will love reading it aloud because of the charming rhyming verse—and the unforgettable moral it imparts.. Get your copy now!