Horses for Kids: Beautiful Pictures and Fun Horse Facts

By (author)Julie Crystal

Join Emily on a fun and informative journey to learn all about horses in Horses for Kids: Beautiful Pictures and Fun Horse Facts. This engaging book is filled with fascinating information about horses’ characteristics, lifespan, and intelligence, making it a perfect read for young horse lovers. Get your copy today and start exploring the world of horses with your kids!


Your host, Emily, will tell you everything she knows about horses in this book that will delight all the horse lovers in your family. Designed to be easy to read, Horses for Kids: Beautiful Pictures and Fun Horse Facts shares all kinds of interesting facts about horses that will make it fun to learn while reading together. The book covers facts about the horse’s characteristics, their life span, even their intelligence. And much, much more. . For anyone who loves horses, this is a great book. Each section uses the information that science has to offer on these magnificent creatures that have been an important part of human history. Your young readers will enjoy learning facts while they read about their favorite animal. Emily will make sure they have fun along the way as well. . Be sure to get this great, accessible, and totally up-to-date book to start learning all about horses with your kids today.