House of Lilith: the Houses Trilogy, Standalone Book 3

By (author)Lyra Forger


In a dark fairytale world, Nyx, a deadly and smart vampire princess, must navigate the challenges of Grimm Academy while dealing with an annoying alpha from a visiting academy. As she investigates an ancient tradition and the tampering of magical games, Nyx starts to question her future and her loyalty to her family. With enemies that could become something more, this engaging standalone novel is perfect for fans of Shannon Mayer and Sarah J. Maas.


“It’s like Harry Potter for women who like their books spicy!”My third year at Grimm Academy was supposed to be simple. Get engaged, nail The Games, finally earn some respect. But now there’s this other academy, with their annoying alpha. Why can’t everyone just stop messing with my plans? Nyx is determined to live a different life.No frilly dresses, no standing in the background smiling – Anastasya Konstantinova Romanova is going to be a new kind of vampire Princess. Deadly and smart, with her boyfriend Max at her side, nothing can stand in her way.But her plans get derailed when the Fain Academy visits to participate in an ancient tradition that has not happened ever since the deadly Umbrage, 156 years ago. To make things worse, that hot shifter alpha leading the visiting academy just won’t stop annoying her. And Max is not happy.And if that weren’t enough, it seems that the Obscura – the mysterious duskenwood box holding the magic of The Games – is being tampered with.Against her family’s wishes, Nyx starts investigating the Umbrage, The Games, and her own lineage. When people start ending up dead, Nyx realizes this is more than she ever bargained for.Is Grimm Academy safe? Does her boyfriend, the Prince, relly see their future the way she does? Will she ever be able to gain her family’s respect?And to make it even harder for Nyx, that shifter guy is starting to mess with her head. His Hotness thinks he’s all that.If you enjoyed Shannon Mayer and Sarah J. Maas, you will find this book unputdownable.Spicy ✓✓✓★ Standalone/No cliffhanger★ Strong female protagonist★ Enemies with benefits★ Dual POV★ Touch her and d!e★ Dark fairytale world★ MythologyWill Nyx become the Grimm Academy savior and finally decide to put her own happiness first? Buy this book now and enter into the mysterious world of Grimm Academ