How Low Can You Go?: Nutritious Meals from $30 Per Week

By (author)Kimberley Gillan

In “YES, YOU CAN HAVE 3 NUTRITIOUS MEALS PER DAY FOR THE PRICE OF ONE COFFEE,” author Kimberley Gillan shares over 80 budget-friendly recipes that will revolutionize your approach to food. Not just a recipe book, this is a guide to navigating the supermarket, making the most of your spending, and feeding a family of four for just $90 a week, all while getting essential nutrients and enjoying treats and celebrations. Get ready to learn the grocery game and come out on top with these life-changing tips and tricks.


YES, YOU CAN HAVE 3 NUTRITIOUS MEALS PER DAY FOR THE PRICE OF ONE COFFEE.. This book has over 80 recipes that prove it can be done. Yet this is more than a recipe book. It is a book for our times, giving you the edge in a crisis. You will learn what foods to buy and when, supermarket psychology and how to stay ahead of the game when things change. There are tricks for when a favourite food becomes expensive and ideas on free foods that might be right under your feet.Just how low can you go? For most of us, 40% of what we currently spend on food.A family of four can feed themselves for $90 per week.When Kimberley Gillan stopped work due to illness, drastic changes were needed for her family to keep a roof over their heads. The challenge was, how low could she go on groceries, while providing the 17 most essential vitamins and minerals her family needed and still having weekly treats, snacks, and celebrations. Over seven years of trial and error she learnt more than how to survive; she learnt a recipe for a better life.Here it is, a set of instructions on how to play the grocery game and win.