How to Grow a Marshmallow Tree

By (author)Stefanie Gamarra


Embark on a mouth-watering adventure with Amelia and Paco as they search for a marshmallow tree in a world of sweet wonders. With a mix of school knowledge, sugar, and some bad dentist jokes, they are determined to uncover the truth behind this tasty mystery.


Join Amelia and her best friend, Paco the polar bear, on a tooth-aching adventure in a world where cotton candy clouds and ice cream slides are just the beginning. When they are almost running out of their favorite treat, marshmallows, Amelia’s wild imagination leads the friends to an idea: a marshmallow tree!But can you really grow a tree from a marshmallow?With a dash of school knowledge, a sprinkle of sugar, and some really bad dentist jokes, Amelia and Paco are determined to find out.