How to Make a Unicorn Laugh: Funny Jokes for Girls, Boys and Unicorns


“Get ready to giggle with How to Make a Unicorn Laugh, a hilarious joke book filled with uni-corny humor and adorable illustrations that will delight young unicorn enthusiasts and kids of all ages. From the popular Easy to Read Jokes for Kid Comics series by Wordplay Groundhog, this book is perfect for silly, fun-loving kids.”


Do you know what makes a unicorn laugh? Uni-corny jokes!. How to Make a Unicorn Laugh is a funny book full of jokes for kids who love unicorns. It’s easy to read with cute cartoon illustrations of the mythical creature that will make kids of all ages laugh, especially young unicorns with a silly sense of humor.. It’s also a part of a series of children’s joke books by Wordplay Groundhog called Easy to Read Jokes for Kid Comics and Funny Early Readers.