How to Wreck Your Marriage 101

By (author)Christine Couch

“How To Wreck A Marriage 101” provides an entertaining yet insightful look at the destructive habits that can erode the foundation of a marriage, making it a must-read for both new and struggling couples. With humor and practical advice, this book offers a mirror into the common missteps spouses make and provides homework to help rebuild a solid foundation for a healthy, loving relationship. Say goodbye to relationship pitfalls and hello to a thriving marriage with this valuable guide.


When land developers want to implode a building, they set the explosives at or near the foundation. How To Wreck A Marriage 101 looks at the common destructive habits spouses commit that erode and destroy the foundation of a marriage.

A great book for those dating who want to avoid relationship pitfalls, or the struggling married seeking solutions, this book takes a humorous, sassy look at the everyday torpedoes spouses launch towards one another that sabotage intimacy, trust and connection. You will be invited to peer into a mirror and diagnose missteps you are making. At the end of each chapter, there are suggested Next Steps homework that will help you navigate (re)creating a solid foundation that will catapult your marriage towards the healthy, connected, trusting, loving relationship you’ve always desired. Read more Continue reading Read less