Howling Symphony

By (author)Derek Erickson


In the aftermath of her mother’s death, Ashley finds solace in a secluded mountain town in Montana. However, as she navigates her grief and befriends a mysterious boy and his family, Ashley realizes that danger can lurk in unexpected places.


Ashley’s mom’s death was the end of the world as she knew it. The arrival of a father she believed to be dead was her chance for a new one. Before she even had time to grieve, she was whisked away to a tiny mountain town in Montana. A world of surprising beauty and quiet she could escape in. Where the people are friendly and the mountain trails seem to go on for forever. Maybe, just maybe, this new world won’t be so bad.
But the mountains can be dangerous. In the snow sometimes you don’t see the wolf until it’s on top of you. Still reeling from the loss of her mother, Ashley is going to have to make friends fast if she wants to survive. Maybe there’s a reason that cute boy and his family live so far out of town, where people don’t ask questions.
Now if she could only stay away from him…

**Version 2. Thank you to my new editors**