In Harm’s Way:

By (author)Leigh Barker

Join US Federal Marshall Jack Duggan in a thrilling and humorous battle against the most powerful figures in Washington DC. With no shades of grey in his world, Jack is determined to take down the influential political fixer, no matter the cost. Root for Jack as he makes his stand and faces overwhelming force in a fight for justice and the future.


Make a stand no matter the cost Another white-knuckle read peppered with humor, twists and surprises.. Introducing US Federal Marshall Jack Duggan. His duty is to uphold the law. There are no shades of grey in Jack’s world; he will take down the law-breaker no matter how rich and powerful.. The most influential political fixer in Washington DC discovers a way to get everything he wants, and nobody, no little Irish Cop, is going to stop him.. This time Jack Duggan isn’t facing off to some murderous felon determined not to go back to jail, this time he is taking on the most powerful people in the US.. One man against overwhelming force can end only one way. But for the sake of the kids dead and soon to be, he will make his stand.. If he is going to live through this he’s going to need all the luck this merciless city has to offer, and more.. They wrote a song about Jack Duggan’s ancestor. Maybe they’ll write one about him. The Ballad of Jack Duggan. Will that be posthumously? Only the next few days will tell.. The politicians think their scheme is a slam-dunk. Jack’s duty is to prove them wrong, regardless of the cost.. “as close to elmore leonard as i’ve read for style and voice””Thought-provoking, memorable and often snarky dialogue.”