In Sickness and Health: the Chronicles of a Faithful Husband

By (author)E. Masson

Diana Matthewton thought she had it all, until unexpected events turned her world upside down. A tale of love, betrayal, and resilience, Diana’s story reveals the strength of the human spirit in the face of life’s devastating surprises. Will she be able to overcome the obstacles that threaten to destroy everything she holds dear?


Sometimes, just when we think we’ve got everything planned out, life throws us unexpected curveballs. Often, these twists are something we wouldn’t even wish on our worst enemies. However, some individuals handle these challenges with strength, grace and resilience, while some may sadly choose to end their lives in search of permanent peace. WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE? WHO ARE WE TO QUESTION?. This is the case of Diana Matthewton.. AN INTERESTING STORY of a beautiful, kind-hearted, and intelligent energetic-woman. For her, everything seemed to have fallen in line without much struggle. Not until the other part of life decided to pay her a great visit.Diana Matthewton had recently broken off a toxic relationship and was ready to take on the world when she unknowingly crossed paths with George Smith. It wasn’t in the plan, nor was it what she wanted at the moment, but fate didn’t care whether she was ready.Without George having to do much, Diana surprisingly found herself wallowing in his POOL OF LOVE. But then, it wasn’t so bad because she had her fairy tale, a man who loved her beyond all doubt, and she loved him in return. It was perfect and more than anything she could have ever dreamt of.Of course, there is no such thing as perfection without imperfections. Diana had a secret she kept to herself, a secret she swore to take to her grave. A hidden piece of the past capable of destroying everything she’d built. But sadly, life told on her. The secret crawled out in the open, and the choice was taken out of her hands.. With her world torn apart, she struggled all alone to save her marriage, her child, and even her own life. Will this be a love story with a happy ending? Not sure! Very little can be done to heal a battered soul.