In Spite of Ourselves: a Heartfelt Christian Romance

Jackson Murphy’s life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers he’s accidentally married to a stranger in Vegas, while Mackenzie Murphy faces her own challenges. Follow their emotional journey of faith and love in this heartfelt Christian romance series by Jennifer Rodewald. Don’t miss out on the rest of the binge-worthy Murphy Brothers series!


Who could build a life on such a monumental mistake?. Jackson Murphy: family prankster, class clown… and now, smack in the middle of a Vegas-sized mess. All he’d wanted was to qualify for the Boston Marathon. After failing that goal, he slipped into a deep, sulking valley, only to emerge from it with a much bigger problem. He’s married. To a complete stranger! Forget making a world-class marathon so that his family will believe that (1) he’s capable of being grown up and serious on occasion and (2) he doesn’t need the ongoing pity about his brother and a certain ex-girlfriend. Now? Now he has no idea what to do.. Mackenzie Murphy: independent woman and excellent student—but not a med student. Because those pesky MCATs were H-A-R-D. She doesn’t particularly mind that much, seeing as she’s never really wanted to be a doctor, but her mother will be…uh, displeased. Exceptionally. That’s nothing, however, compared to how Mother will respond if she finds out what else happened in Vegas.. Mackenzie wants out. Jackson wants a chance. Neither of them is prepared for what’s coming. Caught in the middle of a disaster that keeps getting bigger, they hardly dare ask: Can God take their monumental mistake and turn it into a beautiful life?. Inspite of Ourselves is the second book in the Murphy Brothers Stories, a gentle contemporary romance series that follows a family of brothers through their emotional journeys of faith and love. If you are a fan of deeply moving romances and heartfelt Christian love stories, then you’ll love this beautiful romance series by Jennifer Rodewald.. Continue with the rest of the Murphy Brothers series–9 books in this binge-worthy series ready to leave you inspired and uplifted!. Always YouIn Spite of OurselvesEverything Behind UsThis LifeStubborn LoveWho You AreAfter AllMorning by MorningSeason of Memories