Incognito: Dating the Enemy

By (author)Morgan Kay

Teresa’s small town dating struggles lead her to covertly date in surrounding areas, but even that is wearing thin. When a sexy stranger with exotic looks and a mysterious accent appears in her adult education class, she’s tempted to break the rules against fraternizing with students. Will she risk it all for a shot at love?


Dating’s tough in small towns. The smart women gobbled up the town’s eligible bachelors while Teresa obtained her degree out of state. Back home in Kentucky and teaching at the local high school, she finds herself competing for the attention of the taxidermist with a tricked out truck and a dentist who thinks he’s the reincarnation of James Dean. The best she can do is covertly date in surrounding small towns, but she’s almost fished those ponds out too. A sexy stranger appears in her adult education class. The man is definitely no townie with his exotic looks and even stranger accent. It’s obvious he’s lying about why he’s in her class, but that doesn’t dampen his appeal. There was a rule against staff and students fraternizing, but she might be tempted to break it.