Infinite Aisa: Illustrated


In “Infinite Aisa,” Aisa navigates the glitzy, dramatic world of Pestique while running a revenge business, only to find herself grappling with the consequences of her own actions. This thought-provoking novel explores the complexities of forgiveness, envy, and the nature of hurt, inviting readers to reflect on their own desires and struggles with empathy and forgiveness. Plus, don’t miss the related music album available on all major streaming platforms.


“No one really liked my revenge business at first …” When Aisa makes a choice that will bruise someone she loves forever, she gets twisted up in the glittering, rainy theatre town of Pestique, where everything is done in a costume and town gossip flies like a storytelling of rooks.Destined to fulfil her dream of being a famous actor and making the world a better place, Aisa finds herself a home in the most rundown theatre of the Khis district. And it was there that she found fame as the Revenge Artist, helping people release their anger and sadness by pulling pranks on those who had done them wrong. It wasn’t until she wanted revenge on her best friend that she started to doubt herself, but by that time the mess she had created had slipped completely out of her control.Infinite Aisa raises the questions of thinking, of thoughts we are not so proud of, and of general meanness. Where does it come from and why would anyone be mean in the first place? It examines the nature of being hurt and asks the reader about revenge, envy, forgiveness and hurt. Have you ever wanted something that someone else has? Have you ever wanted to be someone else? Why? Have you ever hurt someone you love? Do you forgive yourself easily? How?The book tells the story of what is happening on the outside and the related music album whispers songs about the truth on the inside, found on all major streaming platforms.