Into the Void


Join Anders and Dalia in their thrilling quest to solve a series of alien assassinations in James David Victor’s exhilarating science fiction adventure, “Into the Void.” As they navigate complex and deadly challenges and delve deeper into the mysteries of their galaxy, can they uncover the truth before war breaks out? If you love stories filled with aliens, space travel, and genetic engineering, this is a must-read for you. Get your copy today and embark on your next fantastic adventure!


Things were so much easier when all they had to worry about is an alien assassination.

A Science Fiction adventure from Amazon All-Star author James David Victor.

Anders and Dalia found the key to solving a series of alien assassinations, or so they thought. Now, things have gotten much more complex…and deadly. Can they escape from their respective imprisonments and figure out what is really going on, or will war tear apart the galaxy they are both sworn to protect?

Into the Void is the second book in the Legacy of Old Earth space opera series. If you enjoy stories in fantastic worlds of aliens, space travel, and genetic engineering, the Legacy of Old Earth series will be right up your alley.

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