Intoxicating Daisy: Book Two of the Bouquet Trilogy

By (author)Jessica Loveland

In “Unforeseen Circumstances,” Josie Miller and Grant Bennett find themselves forced to live together in the midst of a series of unforeseen events. As a new serial killer strikes their small town, Josie must put aside her animosity towards Grant and ask for his help in solving the murders before the tension between them destroys them both.


Josie Miller was always sure of herself. She knew what she wanted and who she wanted to be, but life had different plans. After she is forced to uproot her life, she ends up in the house of a man she hates.. Grant Bennett has never been able to stand his little sister’s best friend, Josie, but the arrangement is too good to pass up. Grant agrees to allow her to stay in his home while he has full intentions of being away. However, after a series of unforeseen circumstances, Grant and Josie are now forced to live together.. To make matters worse, a new serial killer has arrived in their small town of Mt Airy and Josie is the only detective on the case. When things get personal, can Josie put aside her hatred for Grant, to ask for help in solving these murders, or will the tension between the two destroy them both?