Jovian Son

By (author)Kim Catanzarite

In “Jovian Son,” Kim Catanzarite continues to captivate readers with a gripping tale of a mother’s desperate fight to protect her son from a powerful and dangerous family. Packed with emotion and intrigue, this sequel is a must-read for fans of superior storytelling and compelling characters. As the Jovians close in on her son, Svetlana’s determination and resilience will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the heart-wrenching ending.


Jovian Son, the sequel to the award-winning They Will Be Coming for Us, is the revealing second installment in The Jovian Universe.. “Kim Catanzarite weaves a tale so tight and thick with emotion, it keeps you guessing all the way to the heart-wrenching ending.”—Tricia, Goodreads review. “Evander is a fascinating secondary hero.”—Clarion Review. A mother desperate to keep her son.. A son with the power to change the human race.. Their fight against an unrelenting family bound by cosmic prophecy.. It has been ten years since Svetlana sought refuge for herself and her son in an obscure town in Russia. Ten years since she fought to keep Evander from the Jovians, her ruthless in-laws who harbor secret plans for both Earth and the human race.. Like any good mother, Sveta has carefully watched over her son while trying to provide a normal life amid extraordinary circumstances.. There is nothing normal about Evander.. In just ten years he has grown into the powerful body and advanced intellect of a young adult. He is well-liked by all who know him, charismatic, genuinely kind, attractive—the type who could become the world leader the Jovians want him to be.. Ten years ago, the family let Svetlana and Evander escape their watchful eyes. But Evander is the key to the Jovian prophecy, and once they discover that he has matured, they will use him to build the new future for the Earth they desire.. Svetlana will do everything in her power to hold them at bay, but she knows it won’t be enough. They are coming. The only question is, what will she do when they take him?. Praise for Jovian Son, Book 2 in The Jovian Universe:”Crisp writing, superior storytelling, and intriguing characters.”—The Book Commentary”A supremely clever and emotional story that is not to be missed.”—The Prairies Book Review”Likable, believable characters; a rollicking, dialogue-driven plot, and artful writing.”—BlueInk Review