Just You and Me: a Sweet Southern Romance

By (author)Jo Huddleston

In this heartwarming beach romance, Allison and Jim share an instant attraction but are soon faced with challenges that threaten to tear them apart. After a life-changing accident and a series of mysterious letters, Allison’s unwavering love and faith may be the key to their happily ever after. Don’t miss this tale of love, forgiveness, and divine providence.


A beach romance of love, forgiveness, and divine providenceAllison and her friend spend July Fourth weekend at the beach. While there, a magnificent mistake brings Allison and Jim together, and they share an instant attraction.After spending half his adult life in the Air Force, Jim plans to leave the military soon. He wants Allison by his side when he embarks on his new lifestyle. Before they leave the beach, Jim promises to write to Allison and visit her soon.But after a horrible accident at the airfield, Jim keeps his diagnosis from Allison, fearing she won’t choose to spend their lives together. However, when Jim’s letters stop and he doesn’t visit her, Allison’s love for Jim is so strong she believes he has a good reason for his behavior. Will Allison be able to connect with Jim and convince him nothing can stand in the way of their happily ever after?