Kicker: Going the Distance

By (author)Cy Young

Meet Frankie Scarmazino, a former NFL star turned genius Private Investigator, who exudes grit, magnetism, and power. Join him as he overcomes airborne killers, Mexican cartels, and terrorist attacks, all while uncovering dark secrets of corruption and deceit in this thrilling mystery series. Don’t miss out on the action – click the Buy Now Button to enter Frankie’s world and find out if he can solve his first case before the murderer strikes again.


What is the greatest victory a man could ever achieve? Saving another person’s life.Meet a man of bravery and valor, who transitions from a gridiron super star into a genius powerhouse Private Investigator:FRANKIE SCARMAZINOFrankie is the epitome of grit … a man who exudes great magnetism and power. Lethal against any enemy, he’s never lost a street fight.Want an education in handling life situations? Learn these life lessons from Frankie: stay calm in a crisis; know your enemy; exploit any weakness; temper brute force with strategy.Whether overcoming a trio of airborne killers, outwitting a Mexican cartel, thwarting a terrorist attack, or combatting a rattle snake’s kiss … Frankie’s been there and triumphed.If you admired Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, you’ll go bananas over the multi-talented Frankie Scarmazino, another winning creation from the pen of author Cy Young.Young’s experience in various venues including award-winning short stories, plays, screen plays, humor, and animation scripts, have given his works a richness of scope. Deathload, a topnotch thriller, was recently optioned by several film companies.The Frankie Scarmazio Mystery Series takes you alongside the NFL star as he uncovers dark secrets of corruption and deceit. Tormented by childhood loss and fueled by an intolerance for power hungry scumbags, join Frankie as he conquers the criminal element.Can Frankie solve his first case as a private eye before the murderer strikes again? Click the Buy Now Button to enter Frankie’s world to find out!