King of Hell: M/m Vampire/fallen Angel Paranormal Romance

By (author)Morgan Dante

In “King of Hell,” a vengeful vampire strikes a deal with a king of Hell to track down his creator, facing undead creatures and human enemies on a perilous road trip. This standalone M/M paranormal romance combines adventure, found family, and a satisfying happily-ever-after.


My darling vampire.. LaurenČ›iu, a vampire staked by his ex-lover’s husband, only craves one thing: revenge. In Hell, as a courtier for one of the kings of Hell, he’s consumed by it and willing to make a deal to kill the man, Anthony, who turned him into a vampire and abandoned him.. Paimon, the titular King of Hell, really doesn’t take much seriously and tries to have some fun, often content with opulence and debauchery. However, growing bored with his repetitive life, he agrees to help his vampire find and kill Anthony. Trouble is, the Earth itself is a zombie-ridden hellscape, and they undergo a road trip where they’re confronted by “reanimated persons” and hostile mortals alike.. King of Hell is a standalone M/M paranormal romance with a road trip, found family, villain/villain, and an HEA.