Knight Taken

By (author)L.A. Grant

In “Knight Taken”, Arlena has been kidnapped by a dangerous witch in Avalon, and her knights are on a mission to save her. The 18+ steamy paranormal romance with MMFMM and MM has readers raving about the adventure, romance, and hot sex, and calling it a must-read. Grab a copy now for an irresistible combination of danger, magic, and destiny.


Arlena has been kidnapped.. After finally figuring out who she really is, she’s taken by the most dangerous witch in Avalon. Her knights are determined to get her back, but dangers unseen and secrets untold block their way. Arlena must find the strength to accept her magic and destiny, or she and her knights could be destroyed forever.. Knight Taken is an 18+ steamy paranormal romance with MMFMM and MM.. What are readers saying about The Return of the Queen series?. “I couldn’t put it down and read it in one go! I love these characters!”. “I want to live with these heroes and this series forever!”. “Adventure, romance, hot sex, sword fights! Pick up a copy nooowww!”