Knights of the Alliance: an Epic Fantasy Adventure

By (author)Stefanie Chu


In a world of magic and political intrigue, Mirari and Gaven must reunite and gather a group of misfits to protect their lives and fight for the greater good. As they navigate trust, friendship, and revenge, they are forced to become legends in a dangerous game where survival is not guaranteed. Immerse yourself in this heroic tale that combines pulse-pounding action with gripping political intrigue.


Nineteen-year-old Mirari fears her magical powers more than anything else in the world. They are the reason she ran away and concealed her identity.. But when her childhood best friend, Gaven, is framed and sentenced to death, Mirari must strike a deal with the only man who can save him — Lord Fangbane.. Fangbane strongly believes that all it will take to end centuries of passive disdain is to establish a nonpartisan selection of fighters whose mission is to enforce unified peace. His efforts lead to the recruitment of elite fighters known as the Knights.. Meanwhile, Mirari and Gaven only desire to live their lives in peace, far away from the chaos of the world. Fate, however, has other plans for them as they are forced to reunite and thrust into the midst of Fangbane’s quest.. As they gather a motley crew of misfits to join their cause, bonds form, and secrets are revealed. The Knights must come together not only to protect the Alliance but also the lives of their new friends.. Trust, friendship, and revenge collide in this epic tale of magic, loyalty, and bravery as our heroes fight for their survival and the greater good. Will they rise up as legends or fall as pawns in a dangerous game?. Step into a world where pulse-pounding action, uproarious humor, and gripping political intrigue collide. Immerse in this heroic tale today!A New Adult Speculative Adventure dubbed “RARE” and “DAZZLING.” Fans love this original story that intertwines George R. R. Martin’s enthralling world-building with the epic elements of Avatar: The Last Airbender.