Krim Deeds: a Krim Virtual World Novella: Krim World Detectives Book 3

By (author)Maria Korolov


In the virtual world of Krim, process server Ellison Davo is tired of the medieval cosplay and chamber pots. But when a seamstress is virtually murdered, he teams up with a quirky group of detectives to solve the case, leading to a rabbit hole of deadly family drama and resurrections gone wrong. This hilarious mystery proves that virtual lives have real-world consequences, leaving you longing for the good old days of plague and chamber pots.


Sick of servant cosplay and chamber pots? Ellison Davo feels your medieval virtual world pain. For him, every workday is a LARP gone wrong.

As a process server in the virtual world of Krim, he tracks down digital deadbeats hiding from their real-world problems. But when a seamstress turns up virtually murdered, Ellison teams up with a wacky band of detectives to finger the perp.

Problem is, the chief suspect is Alfred, a recently resurrected relic. And when Alfred ends up really-most-sincerely dead, Ellison realizes virtual crimes have real-world consequences.

With the help of a mercenary named Matilda who enjoys stabbings a bit too much, Ellison dives down a rabbit hole of deadly family drama, resurrections gone wrong, and some truly medieval murder weapons. Will they nail the killer before Ellison loses more than just a few virtual lives? Or will he log off for good?

Find out in this hilarious mystery that proves virtual lives are as real as it gets. Krim Deeds will leave you longing for the good old days of plague and chamber pots! Read more Continue reading Read less