Lady Ashcroft Mysteries: a Cruising Murder!


Join Lady Katherine Ashcroft and Ellie on a 1950s luxury cruise in this thrilling fictional mystery. Romance, murder, and mayhem unfold as a crime spree spreads across each deck, leaving everyone wondering who can be trusted. With a growing Soviet threat looming, the stakes couldn’t be higher in this captivating addition to the Kirkville series.


A fictional cosy fun mystery drama, set in the early 1950s. So continues the adventures of Lady Katherine Ashcroft, as she and Ellie set off on a luxury cruise across the great Atlantic to New York. Fun and games ensue, with murder and mayhem.Romance is in the air, and there are plenty of couples living the dream. That is until a body shows up, and a crime spree spreads throughout each deck. From the crew to the passengers, who can you trust?A storm is brewing as well as a growing danger of a Soviet threat under the waves.. Be sure to check out the Kirkville series. A historical fictional drama series set in the 1840s, Ireland.