Unveil the secret that binds Luke Hart to a destiny far beyond ordinary. Thrust into the clandestine world of ‘Legacy’, he’s no mere student but a Bloodborn, heir to a saga woven through time. Dare to follow Luke as ancient feuds and legendary foes emerge from the shadows, challenging not just his courage but the very essence of his being. This isn’t just a story; it’s an invitation to witness the unfolding of an epic where every choice echoes through history. Can you resist the call?


Book 1 in the Legacy Series:From the dawn of time, bloodlines have threaded the fabric of history, leading to the present—leading to Luke Hart. As he embarks on his university journey, hoping for the simple joys of student life, destiny intervenes. An unexpected rendezvous catapults him straight into the enigmatic world of ‘Legacy.’. This isn’t just another university society. The House of Aurelius isn’t about networking or campus prestige but blood and birthright. Luke isn’t merely a student; he is a Bloodborn. He carries the weight of a legacy that traces back to epic warriors of old legends whispered in hallowed halls.. With dreams of college normalcy and nurturing a blossoming relationship with his longtime love, Luke’s aspirations shatter as the shadows of the past creep into his present. He’s entwined in an age-old feud where history’s greatest adversaries aren’t just stories—they’re now his nemesis. From a fierce Viking descendant to the man who birthed society’s darkest fears, from a formidable samurai to the world’s most formidable combatant—Luke is their target.. But it’s not just battles with legends. With every action and every choice, the ripple effects are far-reaching. And sometimes, the most profound losses aren’t borne from battle but from the unintended casualties of a destiny chosen for him.