Library Monster and the Inexperienced Librarian

By (author)Laurel Lorenzini


Join the chaotic adventure as four friends discover a ravenous book-devouring creature at their school and bring it home to their town library’s own monster. Watch as their worlds collide in a whirlwind of monster baby mayhem, in this thrilling journey from library storytime to facing a new challenge with the library monster.


Explore the adventure that ensues when four friends stumble upon a ravenous book-devouring creature within their school grounds. Instinctively, they apprehend the creature and house it alongside their town library’s own book-consuming monster. However, anticipation builds as these two creatures unexpectedly intersect. Get ready for a chaotic whirlwind of monster baby mayhem! Follow the journey of the four friends from library storytime as they confront the latest challenge presented by the library monster.

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