Library Monster

By (author)Laurel Lorenzini


Join four brave kids on a thrilling adventure as they take on a book-eating monster to save their library from disaster. With time running out, they must use their courage and wit to outsmart the monster and save all the books in this suspenseful tale of friendship and bravery. With rave reviews, captivating illustrations, and an exciting storyline, “Library Monster” is sure to become a beloved children’s classic.


This fun adventure is perfect for readers who love stories about brave children taking on seemingly impossible tasks. When a book-eating monster escapes from a book, four brave storytime friends must work together to save the books and the library from disaster. The brave kids must use their courage and wit to take on the monster and prevent all the books from being eaten. With time running out, they race against the clock in a thrilling struggle between the monster and the children. Will they be able to save the library in time? Find out in this exciting and suspenseful tale of courage and friendship!. “Library Monster combines the love of books with the love of adventure. What better way to develop a love of reading in children? The text is enhanced by the superb illustrations by Daniela Garcia. This book will become a favored children’s classic…” – Philip Van Heusen for Readers’ Favorite (5-star review)