Long Empty Roads

By (author)Sean Little


In the post-apocalyptic world, Twist decides to leave the cold, harsh landscape of Wisconsin and head south to start anew. As he navigates the changing world, he must find other survivors and fend off loneliness as he works to build a new existence in a warmer, wild game-filled southern landscape.


After a hard, cold winter, Twist is no longer willing to struggle to live in Wisconsin. The time has come for him to move south. There he will begin to rebuild life after the viral apocalypse. The world he knew is changing, however. Nature is slowly reclaiming the land. Exotic animals released from zoos roam freely. Stores of food, once fresh and plentiful, are beginning to spoil. Surviving in the South is no guarantee, but it will be warmer there. And there will be wild game to hunt and plenty of land to farm. The South represents his best chance at building a new existence. But first, he needs to search for other survivors. Even if the Flu did not kill him, loneliness just might.

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