Lost Desires

By (author)Rachael Orman


Feeling trapped in a monotonous marriage, Brittany seeks to rekindle the passion with the help of a hands-on sex therapist, despite her initial hesitation. Join Brittany and Ian’s unconventional journey to revive their love life in this steamy, 18+ read filled with ups, downs, and plenty of lust.


After ten years of marriage, Ian and Brittany are in a rut. Their life together has become routine, no longer filed with fun and spontaneity. And their love life? Non-existent. Longing to break the dull, repeating pattern that is her life, Brittany looks to a friend for some advice on how to put some spice back into her marriage. Her friend’s advice? A hands on, in home sex therapist. Brittany brushes her off at first, but after another night of unexciting sex, she’ll try anything…ANYTHING to save her love life, even if it is an unconventional route. Journey through the ups and downs of love, life, and lust with Brittany, Ian, and their sex therapist. **Warning: Intended for 18+ for graphic sex & language**