Love Like Crazy

By (author)Emma Chamberlain


Step into the world of Love Like Crazy, where a troubled teen is thrown into a fancy boarding school and finds herself rooming with the school’s soccer star. As old habits and new temptations collide, jealousy and lust test the boundaries of friendship in this gripping lesbian romance. From the writers of Best-Selling Lesbian Romances, this book will keep you hooked from start to finish.


For fans of couples like Carmilla & Laura or Casey and Izzie from Atypical. A troubled teen is sent to a fancy boarding school halfway through her school year. Many of the other girls at Hanover find themselves either jealous or intrigued by the mystery of the beautiful Laura Collins sent to room with the soccer star of the school, Charli Greenwood, who usually has a room all her own. Old friends and old habits have Laura torn between her old life and new. Being a somewhat anonymous person can’t exactly fly for long when Laura’s roommate starts to go on nervous dates and have attraction for other pretty girls. Jealousy and lust begins to test many friendships in Love Like Crazy. ***From the writers who brought you the Best-Selling Lesbian Romance: Paper Dolls and the Best-Selling Lesbian Christmas Romance: A Kind of Miracle…***