Love’s Heartfelt Journey: a Historical Western Romance Book

By (author)Mia Dunham

Elsie Graham concocts a daring plan to escape her arranged marriage, only to find herself entangled in a dangerous scheme that could jeopardize her chance at happiness. Meanwhile, Tom McCarthy grapples with suspicion and loneliness, finding solace in a mail-order bride, Elsie, who may hold the key to overcoming their shared struggles. Can their love withstand the forces working against them, or will they succumb to the rumors and hatred that threaten to tear them apart? Read “Love’s Heartfelt Journey” for a gripping historical romance with a guaranteed happily ever after.


On her way home, Elsie Graham comes up with an intriguing plan to escape the future her parents have arranged for her. Instead of marrying the odious man her family has chosen, she swaps places with a mail-order bride who has second thoughts. Elsie has always dreamed of a fulfilling life, but when she meets her husband-to-be, she realizes that her dangerous scheme could ruin her last chance at happiness…Will she be able to determine her own fate, or will she regret her spontaneous decision?After a terrible misunderstanding, Tom McCarthy’s life has turned into a nightmare. He is forced to endure the suspicion of the townspeople over his family’s actions. His loneliness forces him to look for a mail-order bride, and when he meets Elsie, he is charmed by her values and unique personality. However, he is reluctant to reveal his past, fearing that she will lose interest…Will she trust him enough to stand by him through the tough times ahead?Tom and Elsie’s newborn love grows stronger every day… However, can it endure the constant attack of those who want to see them leave town in shame? Will they disprove the rumors that torment them, or will love be defeated by hatred?”Love’s Heartfelt Journey” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.