Luna Reyes and the Prince of Portent


In “Luna Reyes and the Prince of Portent,” Luna and her best friend Becca are swept away to a perilous new land after a mysterious whirlpool appears in their swimming pool. With danger at every turn, they must use all of their wits and courage to find their way back home. This imaginative coming of age fantasy is perfect for fans of Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, or Philip Pullman. Get your copy today and join Luna on her thrilling adventure!


A year has passed since Luna found the missing emperor of Iluvia, and things have gone back to normal. She has been enjoying a lazy summer with her new best friend Becca, and is starting to wonder whether the events of last year were all just a figment of her imagination.That all changes when a whirlpool appears in the swimming pool of her summer house and drags Becca and Luna to a strange new land full of peril at every turn. They are captured by the powerful God-King, escape a crumbling fortress crawling with deadly rakshasa, and sail on the open seas in the company of pirates. Luna will have to use all of her wits and courage to make her way back to Iluvia, but what awaits her there might be the biggest danger of all…. Luna Reyes and the Pince of Portent is the second book in the Tales of Iluvia series. It is an imaginative coming of age fantasy that will be enjoyable for readers of Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, or Philip Pullman.Scroll up and get your copy today!