Mae’s Hope: the Ghost Town’s Founder Arrived in Mae’s Second Chance With a Trail of Secrets Following Her. Clean Contemporary Women’s Fiction.

By (author)Jacie Middlemann

Discover the historical charm and unexpected mystery of Mae’s Second Chance, a ghost town that offers healing and intrigue for Julie and her children as they navigate life without their beloved husband and the challenges of newfound wealth. Join their journey of resilience, love, and uncovering the secrets of the town’s enigmatic founder in this captivating women’s fiction series.


The historical charm of the old ghost town along with the unexpected mystery posed by the town’s founder, help Julie and her children as they adjust to life without the man who meant so much to all of them.

Mae’s Hope is the fourth book in the Mae’s Second Chance series.

Julie Engstrom didn’t think twice when she bought the small ghost town of Mae’s Second Chance. Something inside of her knew the moment she saw pictures of the small single-street town advertised for sale on the internet that it was exactly what she and her children needed. Nothing would ever bring back what they’d lost but she hoped the small yet intriguing ghost town would give them a place to heal without the glare of attention her husband’s death and then the recent lottery win brought upon them.

It didn’t take long after their arrival to learn their new home posed a variety of challenges. Though each of the buildings had been updated with modern conveniences such as electricity and plumbing there was still much to be done.

But during their explorations of the old ghost town they discovered more than what needed to be repaired and renovated. Mae, the town’s founder, arrived in the country that she made her home with a trail of secrets following her. Secrets she brought with her to the town she aptly named Mae’s Second Chance.

Yet even as they discover answers to some of their questions, there were others that eluded them. And just as often when they found one piece of the puzzle that Mae left behind, another one presented itself adding to the mystery of who Mae really was…and why she spent her life hiding.

Mae’s Hope continues the story of the Engstrom family as they struggle to find their way through a tragedy and at the same time come to terms with the impact of a sudden and unforeseen financial windfall. How do they celebrate one even as they grieve for the other?

If you enjoy women’s fiction, stories about family, their struggles and perseverance, Mae’s Second Chance may be the series for you.

Mae’s Second Chance series
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Treasures Found – Book Two
Valley Secrets – Book Three
Mae’s Hope – Book Four
Sisters of the Heart – Book Five
Castle in the Beyond – Book Six

Perfect for fans of:

  • Emotional and heartfelt Women’s Fiction.
  • Stories of courage and perseverance in good times and bad.
  • Stories about family life with both humorous moments and not so humorous moments and all its many other complications.
  • Light-hearted fiction set in an imaginary ghost town in need of tender loving care.