Her Broken Song


Her days are song and her nights are play. She is Zeline LeBlanc, a Creole singer. Until she missteps for the last time and finds herself without a company to call home. Zeline’s life is about to change again when she meets a young mail-order bride questioning her choices to be with a ranch owner. Indeed, the mail-order bride changes her mind and wants to return home. Finn’s fit to be tied. But Zeline steps in. Where will this lead to for Zeline and Finn? Is a debatable romance in the making?


Some mail order brides find love when they least expect it…
Zeline LeBlanc just made a huge mistake.
Now…She's got no home.
She's got no job.

But this opera singer's not ready to give up.
All she needs is one chance.
And Finn is just the man to give it to her.
The handsome rancher needs a wife, and Zeline is willing to play along.
She never thought she'd be a mail order bride.

And… just maybe she can and will love Finn too.
But his ex-fiancé isn't happy.
She'll do whatever it takes to drive the couple apart.

Zeline's not about to give up.
Her fiery temper has a way of landing her in trouble, and maybe this time it might be the thing that will save her.
Finn's ex-fiancé missed her chance, and she's not getting another one.

But it's not all up to Zeline.Will Finn's choice push Zeline away… or will it bring them closer together?