Majestic Cove 18-book Cozy Mystery Set

By (author)Meredith Potts

Get ready for a wild ride with the 18-story boxed set from the Majestic Cove series, featuring private investigator Melody Clue and her hometown’s hidden secrets. From suspected infidelity to mysterious twists and turns, this collection will keep you on the edge of your seat! Grab your copy of Majestic Cove 18-Book Set today and buckle up for a thrilling adventure.


This boxed set features 18 stories from the Majestic Cove series including: Chocolate, Clues, and Catastrophe Pretzels, Problems, and Peril Cake, Coincidences, and Casualties Truffles, Tirades, and Trouble Shortcake, Surprises, and Secrets Cookies, Curiosity, and Craziness Donuts, Death, and Dread Tarts, Tears, and Tragedy Honey Cake, Heartbreak, and Hazards Cupcakes, Conundrums, and Calamity Caramels, Custody, and Cruelty Brownies, Bistros, and Betrayal Dessert, Destiny, and Death Treats, Threats, and Tawdry Truths Christmas Cookies, Cravings, and a Curious Case Christmas Chocolate, Caution, and Crazy Consequences Christmas Desserts and Devious Deeds Private Eye and a Craving for Pie As a private investigator, Melody Clue has seen a lot of crazy things on the job. Her latest case is filled with more twists and turns than she is used to. Melody was hired to investigate suspected infidelity. However, the deeper she gets into the case, the more she realizes that her hometown of Majestic Cove is hiding all sorts of different secrets. Buy your copy of Majestic Cove 18-Book Set right now!