Make Me Wilder: a Steamy Small Town Romantic Comedy

By (author)Serena Bell


In this steamy, opposites-attract rom-com, a rugged mountain man running an outdoor adventure business finds himself drawn to a city-girl consultant who wants to turn his company into a recipe for romance. As they laugh, learn, and get dirty together, he can’t help but try to make her fall in love with small-town life and him, even though her time in Rush Creek is running out.


She’s high heels. I’m hiking boots. And she’s about to turn my outdoor adventuring business into a recipe for romance.

I’ve spent my life doing two things: exploring these mountains and running the business that supports my big family. But now everything’s changed, and if I want to save our livelihood, I have to man up. Even if it means taking advice from a city-girl consultant who thinks hiking gear means flats instead of heels—and who wants to turn Wilder Adventures into Wilder Romantic Adventures.

It’s my job to introduce Lucy to our hunting, fishing, camping, and rafting trips. At first she’s a total fish out of water, but before too long, we’re laughing with instead of at each other. And while Lucy may not appreciate the finer points of building a shelter from scratch or starting a fire with sticks, it turns out she knows a whole lot about getting dirty. She’s also smart, capable, and unbelievably beautiful.

But Lucy’s time in Rush Creek is running out, and my past has taught me that you can’t take the city out of the girl or the girl out of the city. So why am I still trying to make her fall in love with small town life—and me?

A steamy, opposites-attract, grumpy-sunshine, city girl-mountain man small-town rom com.

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